Primary Course

The Primary Course implemented by the Bangladesh Peacebuilding Centre (BPC) is designed to develop the skills of practitioners in the field of peacebuilding and development. The Primary Course has the following three principles.

First, the Primary Course aims to develop the practical skills of the participants. Designed to develop human resources in the field of peacebuilding and development, the Primary Course provides the participants with opportunities to learn practical skills required on the ground of peacebuilding and development.

Second, the Primary Course is designed to develop the “Competencies” of the participants. “Competencies” refer to job performance skills on which international organizations place much value. “Competencies” specifically include practical skills such as leadership in a multinational environment. The Primary Course is a valuable opportunity for the participants to develop their “competencies.”

Finally, the Primary Course is an opportunity for networking among the participants in the field of peacebuilding and development. Human resource development in the long run requires networks of personal contacts and thus, networking among participants, graduates, and facilitators is invaluable.